Phil Echols |Senior Administrator of Professional Learning Wake County Schools

I’m grateful for this opportunity to learn, lead, and serve as a Senior Administrator supporting Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) and Coaching for Wake County Public Schools.  At my core I value people, collaboration, and equitable practices allowing all voices to be heard.  At an early age, I recognized, I have a high Emotional Intelligence and passion for serving others.  Staying grounded and focused in my role isn’t easy, so I heavily rely on being reflective, empathetic, and building relationships. My identity is that of a collaborator, inquirer, and influencer.  And, I am driven by empowering those around me to be the best they can be.  As the 15th largest school district in the nation, it takes organization and a focus on learning to remain faithful to our mission to provide a relevant and engaging education to produce effective communicators, collaborators, creatives, and critical thinkers.  PLTs are a means to realizing these ends.  One of my goals this year was to establish my team as an exemplary PLT. We make data-based decisions, engage in the Team Initiated Problems Solving (TIPS) model, and successfully manage teamwork and collaboration. Beyond our protected PLT time, we check-in with each other and support thinking through posing questions and paraphrasing.  I attribute much of our success to the attributes of our members, and I consistently make an effort to model these collaborative skills as a leader.  All of which are essential skills of a highly effective PLT. The following effective leadership strategies offers a brief description of ways we promote adaptability, coaching, and modeling.